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Improve All Aspects of Your Life

Perhaps you are looking for a general contractor to help in building or remodeling your home or need emergency services due to natural disaster or storm. Meanwhile, you may also be trying to change your way of living by integrating a healthy diet. Receive all the help you need when you take advantage of the services provided by Maverick Living.

We are engaged in various industries, offering construction, interior design, home staging, and real estate consulting. We also run a food and lifestyle blog. Our services are available to clients in Chicago, Illinois and Nashville, Tennessee.

Why the Odd Mix?

You may be wondering why we mixed together general contracting, interior design, and food into one company. That is because our team believes that the truest form of healthy living comes from balancing home life—its function, design, and organization—and clean eating and body wellness.

Why Choose Maverick Living

The definition of a maverick is “one that bucks the system.” Going by this definition, Maverick Living is different in the way we approach each project that we handle. We have a strong belief that simplicity and quality are better.

When we approach a building project, we can always do it quicker. However, that is rarely the best way to handle the job. Our team saves the good parts of a home and preserves the quality of its structure. We also build and design a home in a manner that allows our clients to live in the best way we know. By following these criteria, we will astonish you with the results.

The same goes for food. Simple and quality ingredients always produce the best dishes. Trust Maverick Living to always strive to be simple, produce quality, and help others live in the best way possible.

Meet the Team Behind Our Company

Larry Major

Born in Chicago, Larry Major was nine years old when his parents moved him and his sister to Lindenhurst, Illinois for a quieter and more peaceful life. He grew up working in the garage with his father, who was a mechanic. With his father and uncle, Larry fixed things around the house and worked on other projects for family and friends.

He took architecture and computer-assisted design (CAD) and building courses in college. However, Larry did not use the skills he picked up until later in life.

In his 20s, Larry worked in the restaurant industry primarily as a bartender and manager. It was there that he met and married Luci. In 2004, he took a job that involved moving to South Florida to help homeowners and property owners with their insurance claims. There, his knowledge of estimating a project’s worth, building, and property restoration was put to good use.

Larry and Luci moved back to Chicago to begin their own contracting business in 2009. They utilized Luci’s interior design and customer service skills as well as Larry’s background in general contracting, construction, and restoration to form their company.

A true lover of quality craftsmanship, Larry strives to meet the same quality construction and design as our forefathers and while he also performs to the international building code or whatever applicable code is in place wherever he works, he goes the extra mile in quality construction and sturdy design that will endure. He feels the need to preserve the old whenever possible and reuse materials to salvage durable buildings. Larry satisfies his clients with the work he does with his two hands and provides them with functional and beautiful spaces that they can enjoy for years to come.

Luci Major

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Luci Major is the eldest daughter of an Italian father and a Polish mother. She has two younger siblings—a sister and a brother. Her father worked in the restaurant industry. Following his footsteps, Luci also entered the trade after leaving college.

For more than 15 years, Luci worked in all facets of the business. She served in front and at the back of the house as well as everything in between. In 2002, she grew tired and weary of the late nights and long hours so she took her skills elsewhere.

Luci took a job at Ethan Allen, where she was able to take her love of furniture and interior design to the next level. After a six-month intensive design course, she started a career as an interior designer at Ethan Allen. She stayed there for three years.

In 2004, the hurricanes hit South Florida. A family friend pleaded with her husband, Larry, to come down to Florida and assist in the hurricane rebuilding. She joined an insurance company in 2005. Together, Luci and Larry worked in the insurance industry to help home and commercial property owners maximize insurance recovery on their policies. It was in 2009 that the couple moved back to Chicago to start their business—Maverick Living.

It was in Chicago that Luci and Larry put their talents together. Larry handled the general contracting and building side of the business. Meanwhile, Luci utilized her experience in interior design to cover that aspect of the company. Together, they turned Maverick Living as a one-stop shop that satisfies all of their clients’ needs.

More About Luci

After years of struggling with infertility and weight issues due to physical difficulties, Luci underwent a gastric bypass in 2015. She had to completely change her lifestyle and the way that she ate. Using all her past experiences and her new knowledge about health and nutrition, Luci started a food blog, FUL by Luci.

When it comes to food, she has taken big and little ideas from everywhere she worked, such as Chicago, Southern Florida, and Wisconsin. Luci blended all of the techniques she picked up to form her distinct cooking style, which is Italian influenced and American refined.

She uses only quality, seasonal ingredients and adds a bit of this and that to make Food U’ll Love (FUL). Each dish that Luci makes is tempting and nutritious. She will continue to entertain her clients with delicious food through her catering services.

With a love for cooking and food in general, Luci constantly learns new things about nutrition. She shares everything that she has learned with family and friends as well as the various guests of her events.

Combining Her Skills

Mixing her love of interior design and food is a natural pairing for Luci. It incorporates the two things that she loves to do in her professional and personal life. With her experience cooking and working in the kitchen, she has provided functional and beautiful kitchen remodels for her clients. Luci takes everything that she knows about food and preparation, hoping that it leads to a practical and striking space for her clients.

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